Atherstone Huntsman Stuart Barton attacks sab

ATHERSTONE HUNTSMAN STUART BARTON ATTACKS SABWe believe that the MFHA should insist that Stuart Barton be dismissed for gross misconductOn the 03-10-16 Stuart Barton the huntsman of the notorious Atherstone Hunt has again attacked a Hunt Saboteur whilst they were trying to save a fox that Barton was clearly hunting. Previous footage filmed by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs has shown Stuart Barton attack Hunt Saboteurs again whilst he was clearly hunting. believe that Stuart Bartons behaviour amounts to gross misconduct and believe that the MFHA (Master of Fox Hounds Association) should follow their own guidelines and insist that the Atherstone Hunt dismiss him.We also believe that the Atherstones Whipper-In should also be dismissed from his job as he can clearly be heard encouraging Stuart Barton to steal the camcorder from the hunt saboteur which can only mean that he wanted to conceal evidence of a crime.The incident took place at 9:45am at Sheepy Magna on the 03-10-16. This hunt took place in Leicestershire. Leicestershire Police: help towards our fuel costs by using the link below. share, donate and like our page.

Posted by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs on Tuesday, October 4, 2016


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