Conditional Caution

ATHERSTONE HUNT SUPPORTER GIVEN CONDITIONAL CAUTIONOn 29-11-16 whilst we were monitoring the activities of the the Atherstone Hunt at Sutton Cheney, one of the hunts supporters who had been watching the hunt decided to ram his car into our vehicle. He then jumped out and proceeded to shout a torrent of sexist and misogynist verbal abuse at a female sab. He can be seen raising his fist and indicates that he knows where she lives. The hunt can be seen riding past as he continues his tirade of shocking sexist language. The incident was reported to Leicestershire Police who dealt with the matter swiftly, he was brought in for questioning where he accepted a conditional caution for his actions. He must attend a victim awareness course which he must pay for himself and he must write a letter of apology to the victim.The Atherstone Hunt and its supporters seem to have a real problem with women, over the past few years the women in our group have been subjected to numerous sexist and misogynist verbal abuse and have been physically attacked and bullied by men from the hunt. Hopefully this sends a message out to the Atherstone Hunt that this is not an acceptable way to talk to women and that their bigotry will not be tolerated by the police.Help us continue with our work:: sign our petition:

Posted by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs on Sunday, January 29, 2017


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