Is the Atherstone Hunt illegally hunting?

In the past 2 years we’ve killed 5 foxes, of course we told the police that all of them were “accidents” we are quite an accident prone hunt you see and no doubt we will continue to have many more accidents in the future.

As for the above question we will let you decide.

Boxing Day 2014 – caught illegally blocking an active badger sett.

We were filmed putting a terrier into an active badger sett to flush out any foxes and then blocking the entrances to prevent the fox seeking refuge in the sett. Both illegal acts in themselves but why would we do this? Well Atherstone Huntsman Stuart Barton was also filmed a few hours latter taking his hounds over the same blocked badger sett. If we weren’t hunting illegally why would we do any of this?

Boxing Day 2014

Atherstone Hunt Boxing Day 2014With Boxing day getting nearer and the hunting community gearing up to try and portray hunting as an idyllic tradition this video serves a reminder of what hunts all across the country do in preparation for a days hunting.Last year on boxing day the Atherstone Hunts terrierman Rob Pickering and associate John Coote went to an active badger sett and started to fill in the holes. They also put a terrier down the holes and used a tracking device to locate where the terrier was. If this hunt was following a trail why have the need for terriermen and to block a badger sett? The hunt later rode past the sett and sabs witnessed a fox running from the hunt from the direction of this sett which was blocked.This footage was given to Leicestershire Police but they didn't meet a courts deadline for evidence therefore the case collapsed. There is a peaceful demonstration planned for the forthcoming Atherstone Hunts boxing day meet.10am Market Bosworth Square.

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Fox chased and anti-hunt protestors assaulted near Grendon Warwickshire

A fox is closely chased by a full pack of hounds right in front of huntsman Stuart Barton. Barton’s first reaction of course is to ram his horse into an anti-hunt protestor trying to film and save the fox. Atherstone Hunt supporter Laura Caines was found guilty of two counts of assault by beating after she attacked the protestors. The question is why would we feel the need to attack people if we weren’t illegally hunting?

Atherstone Hunt supporter guilty of assault

ATHERSTONE HUNT SUPPORTER LAURA CAINES FOUND GUILTY OF TWO COUNTS OF ASSAULT BY BEATINGToday Atherstone Hunt supporter Laura Caines was found guilty of two counts of assault by beating at Loughbourgh Magistrates Court. The incident happened on the 28th February 2015 after a fox was chased and illegally hunted by hounds in front of huntsman Stuart Barton and Hunt Saboteurs. Barton immediately rides his horse into the nearest saboteur pinning them against a wall. Caines then attacks the same saboteur from behind by putting them in a head lock, hitting them over the head and then attempting to steal their camcorder. She then moved on to the other sab who was filming, grabbed her and then dug her nails into the sabs check causing it to bleed. She again tried to steal the camcorder that had filmed the incident. Magistrates found her guilty in her absence after offering no defence. A warrant has been issued for her arrest so that she can be sentenced.

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Fox killed –  Grendon, Warwickshire 14-11-15

This video speaks for itself, a fox chased and killed. Again located in Grendon not far from where the above incident happened. Anyone would think we are deliberately putting our hounds into places we know that foxes live….

Atherstone Fox Kill

FOX CHASED AND KILLED BY THE ATHERSTONE HUNT14-11-15 Grendon Fields Farm Sabs saw the fox being chased closely by hounds, it stopped and looked to its left and then to its right and saw there was no escape. There were hounds either side of it, they caught it, dragged it to the floor and killed it. The rest of the pack were trying to get at it. Whipper-in Phil Durno got of his horse grabbed the dead body and handed it to the Huntsman of the Dove Valley Mink Hounds, Will Shaw who slung it over his horse and rode off with it. The hunt Started in Leicestershire and spent most of the day in Leicestershire crossing over into Warwickshire at the end of the day which is where the fox was killed. Over the past year we have consistently put out footage showing the Atherstone illegally hunting and chasing foxes. The police (specifically Leicestershire which is where most of the Atherstones hunting takes place) are aware of all the footage yet not only do they allow the Atherstone to continue hunting but they give the people who film this footage harassment notices at every opportunity with no evidence whatsoever. It is this lack of action that has allowed them to get away with hunting illegally and kill this fox today.( police have been informed and appear keen to investigate the incident. So we will wait to see what happens next……. will be posting another video up of today's full events over the next few days which will show the hounds marking to ground in a badger sett, the hunt chasing a hare and sexist, anti social behaviour again from Atherstone hunt members.

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Multiple foxes chased & multiple assaults

This video is what the Atherstone Hunt is all about, lots of foxes chased, assaults on anti-hunt protestors. We also killed a fox in a pub car park in front of people eating their lunch…

One day with the Atherstone Hunt

Atherstone Hunt 23-01-16 The Cock Inn, SibsonShocking footage of the Atherstone Hunt assaulting hunt sabs and chasing foxes. On Saturday the Atherstone Hunt were back out for the first time in over a month after their hounds had been quarantined with kennel cough. They met at the Cock Inn, Sibson ( and hunted close to their kennels. They only had half a pack of hounds out and they didn't look fully healthy, at the meet during the speech the hunt informed everyone that they would be taking it easy. They took it anything but easy. Rampantly hunting foxs all day and packing up at around 3:30, not something you would expect a hunt to do with hounds who have just recovered from kennel cough. They were on to a fox right from the start, sabs helped it get away but were joined by Atherstone hunt steward Luke Smith and friends. This is the same Luke Smith who a few months ago got the Atherstone into the national press for simulating sex with a dead goose ( At the time Joint master of the Hunt Sarah Evans put out a statement lying about Smith being part of the hunt and that he would not be welcome out again. “The Athersrtone Hunt would like to make it clear that they are sickened and disgusted by the appalling behaviour of the individual with the dead bird. We would like to point out that he is neither an employee nor a member of the hunt and he has been informed that he is not welcome to attended hunt events in the future” – Sarah Evans, Joint MasterHe's been out since but it seems like the hunt are so desperate that they have gone beyond caring if he is associated with them. He also claimed the hunt were getting advice from the police againAs sabs were trying to help the fox which Smith also saw, he started to encourage the hounds onto the fox, blatantly hunting them on. Shortly after this Atherstone Hunt supporter Luke Miller Bates grabbed a female sab from behind and violently threw her to the floor injuring her back. This incident has been reported to the police. Another Atherstone hunt steward Peter Hadfield then assaulted the other female sab on the road by grabbing her and taking her to the ground. Also injuring her back. This has also been reported. It wasn't long before the hunt were onto another fox, sabs saw it cross the road and got into a field to see it run into a hedge. It was running slowly and looked exhausted, in fact it was so tired it had to stop in the hedge to rest. Hounds were close behind but sabs managed to get in between the hedge and the hounds and turned the hounds back. Once the hounds had gone the fox ran off in the opposite direction. It would have been killed if sabs hadn't been there. Back on the road an elderly resident came out of her house clearly upset and asked the van driver if the hunt had killed the fox that visits her garden. We were able to reassure her that it had got way safely. Sabs then saw the hounds in full cry running into someone's back garden (so much for claims they are following trails) and out into the field beyond. Huntsman Stuart Barton was hunting them on and when confronted that he needed to stop his hounds he laughed and carried on. The fox, still hiding in a back garden then dashed out across the field after Barton had left. Sabs had to call off a few hounds that were close by while joint master James Sharland just watched whilst filming everything. The fox got away safely but the hounds were soon onto another fox in a small wood close to a busy road. Luke Smith signalled to the huntsman that he had seen it with hounds again running all over people's back gardens. The fox got away and the hunt then moved off to Grendon Fields farm where they packed up, the same place that a few months ago the hunt were filmed chasing and killing a fox. This hunt are completely out of control, blatantly hunting foxes all day and through peoples gardens, seriously assaulting sabs on two occasions as well as numerous minor assaults. We wonder when Leicestershire Police ( are going to do something about this hunt. They were present at the start but were nowhere to be seen during the rest of the day when foxes where running and being chased all over the place. Thank you for the tip off and thank you to everyone who has generously donated. It meant we were able to help numerous foxes that otherwise would have been killed. If people wish to donate to us please use the links below.Many thanks.Until next time WMHS

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Fox killed Osbaston 26-01-16

Two foxes killed in the space of a week, both accidents of course.

Another fox killed by the Atherstone Hunt

Atherstone Hunt 26-01-16 OsbastonANOTHER FOX KILLED BY ATHERSTONE HUNTOn Saturday the Atherstone Hunt spent all day chasing numerous foxes including through peoples back gardens whilst assaulting two of the people trying to save them. month they were filmed chasing and killing a fox near Grendon Fields Farm, Grendon which the police are currently investigating the hunt killed another fox. A member of the hunt was off their horse near a hedge with the hounds near a stream. One of the hounds still had the recently killed fox in its mouth. The body was recovered by saboteurs and has been taken for an autopsy. Immediately after the kill Huntsman Stuart Barton carried on hunting as if nothing had happened, even hunting the hounds on when they got on to the scent of another fox. Whilst waiting for the police on the road near to the kill saboteurs noticed a member of the public with a hound that was limping. They said it had been hit by a car. On closer inspection the hound looked emaciated and unwell and made us wonder if the hounds have fully recovered from the kennel cough that they have been quarantined with for the past month. We haven't put all the footage from today online as it is currently being investigated by Leicestershire police.After Saturdays blatant and relentless hunting we asked how much do Leicestershire Police need to see before they take action to stop this hunt? Well now another fox has been killed and huntsman Stuart Barton shows no signs of stopping or caring. How many more foxes are Leicestershire police willing to let die before they take action? When officers did arrive they where the hunt where and we repeatedly asked if they would tell them to pack up in light of today's and Saturday's events. This didn't happen and the hunt carried on hunting.If people wish to donate to us please use the links below.Many thanks.Until next time WMHS

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Huntsman attacks anti-hunt protestor trying to save a fox

Barton at it again, another fox blatantly hunted right under his nose and another protestor assaulted. We can’t have people trying save these foxes can we

Atherstone Huntsman Stuart Barton attacks sab

ATHERSTONE HUNTSMAN STUART BARTON ATTACKS SABWe believe that the MFHA should insist that Stuart Barton be dismissed for gross misconductOn the 03-10-16 Stuart Barton the huntsman of the notorious Atherstone Hunt has again attacked a Hunt Saboteur whilst they were trying to save a fox that Barton was clearly hunting. Previous footage filmed by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs has shown Stuart Barton attack Hunt Saboteurs again whilst he was clearly hunting. believe that Stuart Bartons behaviour amounts to gross misconduct and believe that the MFHA (Master of Fox Hounds Association) should follow their own guidelines and insist that the Atherstone Hunt dismiss him.We also believe that the Atherstones Whipper-In should also be dismissed from his job as he can clearly be heard encouraging Stuart Barton to steal the camcorder from the hunt saboteur which can only mean that he wanted to conceal evidence of a crime.The incident took place at 9:45am at Sheepy Magna on the 03-10-16. This hunt took place in Leicestershire. Leicestershire Police: help towards our fuel costs by using the link below. share, donate and like our page.

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Fox chased and killed Shuttington 14-01-17

Yet another fox killed. We don’t have anything to fear from the hunting act…

Fox killed by The Atherstone Hunt

VIDEO: FOX KILLED BY THE ATHERSTONE HUNTPLEASE SHAREAs long as the Atherstone Hunt are around hunting foxes we will also be around to stop them.On Saturday 14th January the Atherstone Hunt met at Amington Hall Farm. They hunted three foxes near Shuttington, Warwickshire. two of the foxes crossed the road in front of sabs. A third was chased up the road by the huntsman and hounds. At no point during this chase did huntsman Stuart Barton attempt to call off the hounds. The fox was cornered and trapped on a driveway by the hounds who started tearing into it. Sabs managed to rescue the body which they discovered was still alive. However despite trying to revive the fox it died in the arms of a sab a short time later. Huntsman Barton continued hunting so sabs stayed with him until he packed up. Warwickshire Police are now investigating the incident. Taking a pack of hounds that have been bred to hunt and kill foxes over hundreds of years and then putting those hounds into places where foxes live is a very deliberate act. It is a deliberate act with one inevitable conclusion. Stuart Barton knew exactly what he was doing. The Atherstone Hunt are completely out of control, weather it be chasing and killing foxes or using violence against anyone who stands in their way. This fox kill comes only two weeks after the Atherstone made the national press for violently attacking peaceful protestors in Atherstone Market Square. you to Liverpool Hunt Sabs who travelled down to help us.Thank to everyone who has sent us messages of support and thank you for all the information we continue to receive.If you would like to donate to us use our Paypal link here:

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