Is this not another telling photo of the relationship between man and his Hounds? One which our opponents continually think they can destroy. Well one thing is for certain, they better just think again. Our huntsman Mike Lane loves his hounds so much he gives them total freedom to go where they want in the countryside. Sometimes they may venture onto roads and even main roads but only when they have got onto the scent of a fox. Of course it’s not Mr Lanes fault that his hounds divert onto the scent of real foxes, the foxes should know better not to live in places that Mr Lane frequently takes his hounds such as small coverts and hedgerows. One often wonders that the fox isn’t up for it otherwise why else would they live in artificially made homes that we encourage them to live in, they must surely realise that the free food and shelter comes at a price. Mr Lane tries his hardest to stop his hounds chasing foxes but more often than not they don’t listen to him, he spent almost an hour recently trying to call his hounds back to him.

As the saying goes you’ll find the fittest and healthiest foxes in hunt country – because it wouldn’t be much fun chasing a lame fox would it