We’ve been busy this season collecting more convictions. Back in October regular Atherstone Hunt supporter John Hadfield was convicted of slashing one of the sabs tyres after he was caught on their dash-camera with a pen-knife in his hand. Unfortunately the magistrates didn’t believe his story that he was just trimming his nails. Next up was our former Director Pete Taroni who was found guilty of bashing a female sab over the head with his riding crop and also of being homophobic. Mr Taroni must be commended for maintaining the high standards set by the Atherstone Hunt. The sab in question required hospital treatment whilst his homophobic outburst will have let all non-white, non-male, non-heterosexuals know that they are not welcome at this hunt. Mr Taroni also missed his bail appearances and even missed his own trial. We believe he is now on an extended holiday and thank him for his recent services to the hunt. Finally the law caught up with Dennis Smith who was found guilty of driving without due care and attention at our end of season meet in 2014

That brings our total convictions up to 21 and we’re sure there’s a few more just over the horizon ;) We thank Leicestershire Police for helping us keep the number as low as it is, it could have been double that without your help.

Finally we’ll end with a hound photo from a few years ago which we hope shows the high level of care we give all our hounds