With the start of Cub Hunting fast approaching a number of you have contacted us worried about the effect that certain unwelcome guests will have on our hunting this season. Well we can tell you that we certainly don’t want our normal activities curtailed we want to watch full on hunting.

As a result of these unwelcome guests and of course the police presence we have devised a cunning plan.

New joint master Mark Halford brings with him from the Quorn Hunt Mr Bruce Langley Mckim (you can meet the rest of our team here). As well as pretending to lay trails for the Quorn Mr Mckim was for a season the huntsman of the Readyfield Bloodhounds. This season Mckim will be laying trails for us, the trails will of course be laid in places that we know that foxes live (along hedge rows, small woods, crop fields etc) providing us with plenty of accidents throughout the season whilst also giving us an excellent alibi. It is also a great opportunity for us to try and stitch the sabs up for aggravated trespass. 

For anyone wanting to know more about the art of trail laying there is an excellent report and description here http://www.ifaw.org/sites/default/files/2015-IFAW-Trail-of-Lies-full-report.pdf

Here’s a photo of Mr Mckim pretending to lay a “trail” at the Quorn. The keen eyed among you will notice the terrierman stood next to his quad bike in the background.  What is he needed for if your laying trails? I hear some of you ask, well it’s best not to ask as our opponents may be reading but lets just say that our friend with the quad bike is on stand by in case Mr Mckim’s “trail” should find itself down a badger sett. Indeed he will have taken measures with his spade to prevent Mr Mckims trail from being able to end up down the badger sett in the first place.