Some of you may have heard that a number of our supporters have been convicted of violence towards the antis

What you must understand is that these sabs are always filming us which means we can’t hunt foxes freely like we used to. This obliviously gets very frustrating to some of our supporters who rely on a few dead foxes to keep their  spirits up during the winter months. So who can blame them when they lash out? We certainly don’t. After all violence is the only language some of our supporters are fully fluent in.

Our good friend and former huntsman/cop Brett Parker put it best when he said he wished it was still the 80’s when we could give sabs a good hiding. Wise words indeed. When we can’t kill foxes bashing a few sabs is the next best thing. It’s almost a tradition in it’s self.

However it’s not the 80’s and these convictions make it harder to keep labeling the sabs as the violent ones considering they have no convictions whereas ours are steadily staking up.

Keeping our theme of violence running our hound photo today is one of our hounds cowering under a vehicle trying to avoid us