Well what a month it has been. Unfortunately the election result means that hunting is not going to be legalised any time soon but on the bright side we at the Atherstone Hunt like to carry on as if hunting were legal anyway. We like to think that the Atherstone Hunt played its part in the election result by reminding people just why they hate hunting so much.

Our opponents used underhand tactics to try and get us dropped from the Ashby Show, luckily the landowners Cattows Farm decided to allow us onto their land anyway so that we can promote blood sports and raise some much needed funds for ourselves so that we can carry on killing foxes in the season coming. Thank you Cattows Farm.

Finally some good news for a change, after dragging our name through the mire the investigation into us killing a fox has been dropped giving us the green light to carry on where we left off last season and hopefully kill a few more this coming season. Despite the clear footage filmed by the antis the loopholes in the Hunting Act mean we can do what we like. Which we do.

This months hound picture is of our hounds doing exactly what they are bred and trained to do, rip foxes apart. Good stuff.