We have been busy canvassing for the Conservatives over the past six weeks, and what subject have we found comes up a lot? Hunting of course! We always move swiftly on from the subject as most people don’t seem to like it but that is besides the point, what’s important is that in return for all the campaigning we’ve been doing the Conservatives have promised us they’ll legalise fox hunting. We will finally be able to ruthlessly and our opponents may say, cruelly kill foxes. Let’s not focus on the cruelty but instead the enjoyment we will get from that cruelty. Forget all the arguments about needing to control the fox population, they don’t need controlling (we should know as we ensure there are always plenty of them for us to hunt). No this has always been about our love of violence. The enjoyment we get from chasing a small mammal for miles until it is exhausted and the thrill of seeing it ripped apart by a pack of hounds.


A vote for the Conservative party means we will no longer have to worry about tiresome police interviews, no more lying about what we are doing, we will be able to kill foxes till our hearts content.

Here are some random photos for your enjoyment  of our hounds at work