The Mirror – Gruesome footage shows mutilated fox in hound’s jaws during hunt as police probe ‘illegal killing’

Another fox killed by the Atherstone Hunt

Atherstone Hunt 26-01-16 OsbastonANOTHER FOX KILLED BY ATHERSTONE HUNTOn Saturday the Atherstone Hunt spent all day chasing numerous foxes including through peoples back gardens whilst assaulting two of the people trying to save them. month they were filmed chasing and killing a fox near Grendon Fields Farm, Grendon which the police are currently investigating the hunt killed another fox. A member of the hunt was off their horse near a hedge with the hounds near a stream. One of the hounds still had the recently killed fox in its mouth. The body was recovered by saboteurs and has been taken for an autopsy. Immediately after the kill Huntsman Stuart Barton carried on hunting as if nothing had happened, even hunting the hounds on when they got on to the scent of another fox. Whilst waiting for the police on the road near to the kill saboteurs noticed a member of the public with a hound that was limping. They said it had been hit by a car. On closer inspection the hound looked emaciated and unwell and made us wonder if the hounds have fully recovered from the kennel cough that they have been quarantined with for the past month. We haven't put all the footage from today online as it is currently being investigated by Leicestershire police.After Saturdays blatant and relentless hunting we asked how much do Leicestershire Police need to see before they take action to stop this hunt? Well now another fox has been killed and huntsman Stuart Barton shows no signs of stopping or caring. How many more foxes are Leicestershire police willing to let die before they take action? When officers did arrive they where the hunt where and we repeatedly asked if they would tell them to pack up in light of today's and Saturday's events. This didn't happen and the hunt carried on hunting.If people wish to donate to us please use the links below.Many thanks.Until next time WMHS

Posted by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs on Tuesday, January 26, 2016


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