ITV, 23/01/2017, ‘Hunt Protestors Pelted With Horse Manure’ –

Atherstone Market Sqaure

Atherstone Hunt 2nd January 2017 – Atherstone Market SquarePeaceful anti-hunt protestors occupied the centre of Atherstone Market square where riders of the Atherstone hunt normally gather. The hunt where instead forced onto the perimeter of the square. The Atherstone only managed to get 30-40 riders a lot of whom where children. Anti-hunt protestors remained peaceful at all times. However Atherstone Hunt supporters fuelled by alcohol were aggressive and yobbish right from the start. We know first hand what people who support hunting are like but on Monday the Atherstone showed everyone including members of the public exactly what hunting represents. From the start we had glass bottles thrown at us and manure thrown at us. Hunt supporters repeatedly surged forward in an attempt to trample down the protestors. Hunt supporters where also trying to provoke a reaction from protestors by waving fox tails in their faces. Banners and other property where stolen, one banner was ripped apart by a hunt supporter using a knife. Pictures of the stolen property were later posted on Facebook helpfully allowing us to identify many of those responsible whilst also being an admission of guilt. This has been reported to the police who will also have the CCTV footage from the Market Square available to them to identify those responsible. A member of the public's child was almost run over by a hunt supporter in a landrover as he attempted to get at the protestors. Minutes from a recent Atherstone Town council meeting show that the council were in communication with Warwickshire Police over the coming hunt meet in the Market Square. Warwickshire police reminded the council what happened last year in the square where two hunt supporters where given fixed penalty notices for anti-social behaviour. UKIP Councillor Richard Freer stated that the Atherstone Hunt have permission to use the Square whilst the protestors do not. Whilst Freers statement in factually incorrect (it is a public space) it does show his attitude and support for the hunt. Two other Atherstone Town Councillors who are also North Warwickshire Borough Councillors Mejar Singh and Ray Jarvis (both conservative) were also present in the Market Square and watched on as the violence took place. Warwickshire Police are fully aware of what the Atherstone Hunt are like, are fully aware of what happened last year when they admitted they didn't have enough officers present (they had two last year) and were even advised by officers from Leicestershire police on the day that they needed officers on the ground. Warwickshire police ignored all of this and decided not to deploy officers at all until the end after they had been called numerous times by members of the public. The responsibility for the violence that happened in the square lies completely with Warwickshire Police and Atherstone Town CouncilAfter we left the Market Square we went to find the hunt who were hunting as normal. The violence and aggression continued with eggs and stones being repeatedly thrown at our vehicle and a wing mirror smashed. These incidents have been reported to Leicestershire Police. We are still going through the footage of the days events that has sent sent to us by people who filmed it on the day. We are being inundated with messages and information about the Atherstone Hunt so please bear with us if we don't reply immediately. Also thanks to everyone who has sent us the names of some of those responsible for the violence. There may well be other videos to follow. As long as the Atherstone Hunt continue to meet in the Market Square we will continue to protest therePaypal Atherstone Town council Police making a complaint

Posted by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs on Wednesday, January 4, 2017


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