Police Inquiry Over Fox ‘Killing’ Footage In Warwickshire – BBC News

Fox killed by The Atherstone Hunt

VIDEO: FOX KILLED BY THE ATHERSTONE HUNTPLEASE SHAREAs long as the Atherstone Hunt are around hunting foxes we will also be around to stop them.On Saturday 14th January the Atherstone Hunt met at Amington Hall Farm. They hunted three foxes near Shuttington, Warwickshire. two of the foxes crossed the road in front of sabs. A third was chased up the road by the huntsman and hounds. At no point during this chase did huntsman Stuart Barton attempt to call off the hounds. The fox was cornered and trapped on a driveway by the hounds who started tearing into it. Sabs managed to rescue the body which they discovered was still alive. However despite trying to revive the fox it died in the arms of a sab a short time later. Huntsman Barton continued hunting so sabs stayed with him until he packed up. Warwickshire Police are now investigating the incident. Taking a pack of hounds that have been bred to hunt and kill foxes over hundreds of years and then putting those hounds into places where foxes live is a very deliberate act. It is a deliberate act with one inevitable conclusion. Stuart Barton knew exactly what he was doing. The Atherstone Hunt are completely out of control, weather it be chasing and killing foxes or using violence against anyone who stands in their way. This fox kill comes only two weeks after the Atherstone made the national press for violently attacking peaceful protestors in Atherstone Market Square. https://www.facebook.com/WestMidsHuntSabs/videos/vl.129195264208675/1009549382523469/?type=1Thank you to Liverpool Hunt Sabs who travelled down to help us.Thank to everyone who has sent us messages of support and thank you for all the information we continue to receive.If you would like to donate to us use our Paypal link here: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs

Posted by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs on Sunday, January 15, 2017


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